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Whaling City Ghosts Presents:

Our first episode!  Please forgive our errors and expect to have a full history of the building over the next few days right here! 
Built in 1855 to house the growing Universalist population of New Bedford, The First Universalist Church is one of downtown's best art galleries, and one of its most haunted buildings!  This church has housed many along the way, The Pilgrim Church moved into the building in the early 1930s and did extensive renovations, including much work in the basement to house a Sunday School.  The Sinai Temple was located in the building and during the 1970s the Frederick Douglass African Methodist Episcopal Church found its home here.  Present days find the Gallery X inhabiting the building, where they have been since 1994.  Some of the best artists in the area display their art in the building and we have a feeling the ghosts enjoy this!  After our investigation here we believe there are both aware and residual spirits in the building from all ages, even some before the building existed.  Gallery X is a building that always seemed to house a loving community and that tradition remains today.  WCG hopes that we have honored these wonderful ghosts by bringing them to you!  
Our second show and they keep getting better!  This show focuses on our visits to the Freetown-Fall River State Forest, the home of cult rituals and horrific crimes and how I brought the case home.  Being the team's "ghost magnet" is always exciting, to say the least!  Enjoy!
The Freetown-Fall River State Forest is a beautiful public site today.  In the past it has seen much crime.  The body of a 15 year old cheerleader was found tied to a tree in 1978 and numerous homeless people have been found dead within its confines.  During the late 1970s to early 1980s a cult inhabited the deep woods and ritualistically sacrificed many animals.  Three women were ritualistaclly murdered and sexually assaulted after death, not in the boundaries of the forest, but in other locations.  Even so, the cult that once performed rituals and animal sacrifice have left an ominous impression behind.  We hope that with the continued positive use of these grounds we can change the negativity the cult left deep within the dark recesses of this land that was once hunting grounds to the Wampanoag Tribe.
The Beginning Season 1 Episode 2

This episode includes some of our best EVP that we've ever recorded.  Many local haunts and some famous ones are included here!  

Our Halloween episode.  I hope you're up for some good spooky fun!  Many EVPs from past investigations are included along with having a "special guest star" to host the show!  

Here is our latest technical show.  If you've ever wondered about the equipment teams use in the field or have thought of buying equipment to do your own investigations, this is a show for you!  Co-hosting with me for this episode are Marc Pacheco, our Lead Investigator and David Faria, our Interview Specialist!  

Made especially for you!  Our Christmas Special brings you some Naughty and Nice spirits to bring in your New Year with a hauntingly fun episode!  

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