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Each audio clip begins with the original clip, then a moment of silence, after that just the EVP repeats three times to enable you to understand them better!  Enjoy!

Fall River, Massachusetts Undisclosed Location:  We believe these screams are those of Sarah Maria Cornell who was allegedly murdered by her minister, Reverend Ephraim K. Avery.  After being tortured for hours, beaten and possibly raped she was found hanging in what was then the Durfee Farm on December 21, 1832.  "The Screamer" includes blood curdling screams, then what we believe to be a male's voice saying, "WHO ARE YOU?  LEAVE!"  Reverend Avery was acquitted of the crime angering citizens of Fall River who burned and hung likenesses of Avery.  He was almost lynched and later moved to Ohio where he died.  His old bones may be out there but we believe his spirit is a bit closer to home!

Taken at the same location in Fall River, we believe this clip shows awareness in the spirit.  We had been in earlier in the day to decide how to set up equipment.  The spirit saying, "Hello again," makes us think he recognized us.  Mill buildings were rampant with bad working conditions, abuse and child labor.  We recorded numerous spirits here many of which we believe were associated with the history of the mills in the area.   

WARNING EXPLICIT LANGUAGE!  During an investigation at Lizzie Borden's Bed & Breakfast, Tim

Weisberg of Spooky Southcoast tries to get the spirit to pick up his legs in the Hosea Knowlton Room on the third floor.  The spirit doesn't seem amused by his requests and calls out, "Hey buddy!"  Lizzie Borden's house is known for paranormal activity but we have begun to wonder if there is more to the story than just the ax murders.  Murders and strange burials have been known to exist close to their home.  A relative to the Bordens by marriage Eliza Darling killed two of her three children by drowning them in their cellar cistern in 1848.  "The Skeleton in Armor" was found a short distance from the Borden house in 1832.  The skeleton was later destroyed by fire but was found sitting up with copper tubing and other strange items found on his person.  They were not sure if this was truly a Native American because of the strange way he was buried and his tools and armor were unusual for a native burial. 

Quequechan Mansion, Fall River, Massachusetts.  This beautiful historic building once housed a gentleman's club since the turn of the 19th into the 20th century.  There were rumors of a brothel occupying the third floor and the spirits spoke of a woman named, "Marie."  We have begun to wonder, due to audio clips recorded in the building just who Marie was and how she was involved with the members of the gentleman's club that once graced this building.  "Can't change life, I can't change," was recorded on the third floor, with Luann Joly/Founder being the only female present in the building.

Taken in a private location in Fairhaven, Massachusetts this recording still has us puzzled.  Much of the audio recorded at this location was somewhat bizarre to say the least.  The land surrounding the property has such a long history it dates back to the days when the Wampanoag were the only people to walk upon the shores.  Many incidents occurred there including a massacre in which Wampanoag slaughtered settlers, a huge fire later called the 10 Acre Fire that was started by Italian workers on the  Fairhaven Bridge Project making coffee.  Six different gales, or hurricanes as we call them today swept the bridge away.  During some of its history the area was rampant with crime and we believe is the source of some of the more disturbing EVP we've recorded at this location.  "To our destination, call, Bob, Bob, Bob," is one example of the weirdness we've experienced here. 

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