There are so many wonderful people in the Greater New Bedford Area working hard to help others, and many that are suffering in different ways that could use any support you can offer.  At times, even prayers

are enough to help a family, an individual or group of people to make it

through difficult events.


We hope this page will help the right angels find the right people at the

right time.  So keep your eye posted on this page to find out ways that

YOU too, can help those in need! 




Athyn Sousa, a 17 month old baby was diagnosed with a rare form of

cancer, Neuroblastoma recently.  His family needs prayers and support

to make it through the long road ahead in order to treat their son. 


We invite you to watch Suzie's Community Corner, a WCG Production to

learn more about how you can help to support Athyn and the wonderful

family owned restaurant, The Hollywood Scoop of Fairhaven, MA goes

above and beyond to help families in need!



Pack Seven of New Bedford, Ma can use your help in a variety of ways.

It's also looking for members!  If you or anyone you know who would

like to join a Cub Scout Troop that has any sort of special need, then

Pack Seven is just for you!  Watch Suzie's Community Corner to learn

more about joining, and ways you can help them!