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About us:

Whaling City Ghosts is a private research team based in New Bedford, MA.  Most of our members have a long history in the paranormal field and create a team that along with trying to come up with better data collection methods, hopes to help people come to terms with the haunts they live with in the haunted New England area.  Living in and around an intense area of paranormal activity called "The Bridgewater Triangle" most team members have experienced strange phenomena and bring that understanding to the field.  With a strong basis in science and history we hope to bring more of New England's ghosts to life while also trying to solve some of the mysteries of the unknown that exist in this area that can claim one of the longest histories in America.




Luann Joly


Victoria Ferreira

Rev. Ed Brodrick

Founder-Luann Joly brings over 30 years of experience to the field.  Beginning at a young age she experienced paranormal activity on a regular basis.  In 2004 she decided to put together a team that would try to answer lifelong questions.  She is the author of Dead Whispers:  Ghostly EVPs and hopes her experiences can help others.  She is the audio specialist for the team.


Head of Scientific Research-Gabrielle Lawson has been in the analytical chemistry field for over 20 years.  She brings a fresh look at paranormal activity by bringing scientific method to our investigations.



Interview Specialist-David Faria has been in the field along with working as a mental health professional for many years.  His calm, kind manner helps clients open up so we can get to the bottom of our cases more quickly and easily. 




Spiritual Advisor-Reverend Ed Broderick has been involved in spiritual guidance for his flock and has also been involved in the paranormal for many years.  He handles most of the blessings we perform in homes that require them.  His experience with these cases makes him invaluable to our team.




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